Two ways to Play

Play as

Normal Piggy

As normal Piggy, you can move using flick to move and tap to jump. Collect items such as candy corn and stomp on Chefs to defeat them. You can also use powerups and costumes that give you different abilities. Ate a Jalapeno? You now have greater speed and have fire breath! Ate a Power Corn? You are now Super Piggy!

The Bitter Sweetness of Ghost Piggy

After getting hit three times, you lose your life. But you return to life as Ghost Piggy! You can now float around the level using the Gyroscope. Now the Chefs can be scared to death! Being a ghost almost makes you invincible. However, as a ghost, the captured animals cannot be saved as they also get scared. How sad! The solution? Try coming back to life by scaring enough Chefs or eating enough corn candy

so you can continue on your mission.

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